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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coasting for Kids

As many of you, that read my blogs, know by now that I participated in Coasting for Kids. 

This was an event that helped raise money for "Give the Kids the World" in Florida. 

The money is to go to support families that have kids with terminal illness, renovate their current campus, and also help expand their campus. 

At Kings Island along we raised over $20K and te Cedar Fair parks raised over $135K! That is simply incredible and I am proud to say that I was a part of that!!

Now on to the day break down!:)

I arrived, bright and early, to KI. We had to use the employee entrance and parked in the VIP section! We were treated like VIPs all day! 

Above was a short line to registar for the event. This is where we got our shirts and ticket to participate. I even got a certificate!! I need to get that out of my car!! Lol. 

After this we proceeded to the first round of rollercoasters: Diamondback! We were given an hour on this ride. I was fortunate enough to get 11 rides in!:) 

After that we all gather over to the Racer to start the 7 hours of ridding. We rode from 10-12pm. Then had lunch!

Lunch was amazing! We had different kind of wraps, chips, cookies, salad, ice cream, and drinks! All you could eat! Trust me! I are my fair share!:) 

The view from this resturant was incredible! It is a resturant above the entrance and features a beautiful lookout view to the Effiel Tower. 

After this we went back to ridding until 6pm!! I never got sore and I watched my voice as I am working at Tecumseh! and that is the last they need to hear! After this section of ridding I offical got my ride count up to 96!! 85 rides on the racer! 

For the next four hours we were able to wonder around the park and have some fun! 

The beast never gets old and still packed a big punch!! It is incredible to think that after 35 years it is still the worlds longest wooden coaster!  

Now question: what do you think was my  last ride of the night?? 

If you guessed Beast you would be wrong. It was Adventure Express! That is one of my new favorite night rides ever!!

You never knew where you were going it was so dark and it provided with some simple entertainment!:)

After the fireworks show, our finaly coaster riding for the day: Banshee! 

We had a 30min ERT on Bnashee and I was able to get 10 rides in!:) 

Even after media day, this ride packed a big punch!! 

In closing of this event, I have to tell everyone involved THANK YOU! It was an amazing day and we could not have done it with out your help and dedication to providing us with a day filled with thrill!! Thank you again and I will participate again next year!:) 

I offically left KI around 11:30pm and did not get back to Chillicothe until 1:20am! It was a rough drive but well worth it! 

Thank you all again and thanks for ridding!:)

Daniel Sukup 

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