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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

Hello all!

It is a wonderful day! A nice temperature, beautiful sun, and a beautiful breeze! 

In short a great day to run!:) 

So many thoughts travel my mind as I run! Many of which are to find answers to questions or find new questions. 

Today it dawned on me that I asked a question last summer about why people keep returning back to Tecumseh! and I received many vague answers. Mostly, "you will find out when you get there." 

It was not until today, on my run, that I can now answer that question 100%. 

My pervious answer is still true. This show has changed my prespective on life and has influenced me in amazing ways! The cast becomes your second family. They are their for you. The mountain is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Finally you get to act in the best outdoor drama there is! 

All of these statements are 100% true but did not answer the question of why many people return 100%. 

I have concluded that everyone has a different reason. For me it is all of that stated above and then more. When running in Great Seal State Park, I get to see things many people don't get to enjoy. I am able to find my harmony and peace here. It may sound strange to you, but there is this relationship for me when I am away from the city. Nature is amazing and beautiful! This little bit more sugar adds to my answer of why people keep coming back. I am so excited to be back! 

Some odd reason it makes a perfect solution and rejuvenates me. 

I think I can also add the fact that people remember you and it makes it more special to be back. 

As I continued to run, another thought pooped up: what can I do, as an artist, when running? 

I thought of an awesome idea. Remember Yes Man? There is a section that they run and take photos. This thought seemed crazy, but I decided to do it. 

I used my iphone, not becuase it was the only thing on me, but becuase it will try not to focus as much to take a photo when move, like my sony A5X. 

Here are some of the shots from today:

 The swirl

Focus in

The light 


Watch your step. 

There are many more photos that will be published on Facebook and Flickr. 

I am going to continue to mess with this idea and see what I can do to develop amazing shots. 


Finally as I sit here on this amazing rock:

That one^

I think to myself that I get to do this everyday! I listen to the birds, the wind, and relax. It is crazy when you just listen and look how great this earth can make you feel! 

Have a beautiful Friday the 13th. I don't care that it happens to be the 13th, but it is FRIDAY! 

Lets rock this show out tonight!


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