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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tecumseh! bound!

Today is the day! The day I hit the road and move to Chillicothe Ohio for another amazing summer at Tecumseh!! 

Looking forward to this 7 hour drive! I am ready to be back in my home away from home! I can't wait to meet everyone new and old!

Below you will find updates as I drive there! Don't worry I will not be driving and updating. 

Made it! At Patricks right now! I am so happy! 

Getting closer to my home for the summer!!

I've been to avoid traffic sucks! At least I saw small towns I never would've.

Welcome to Indy!

-I am nearing Indianapolis! The trip is going great! I had panda express for lunch. Almost there… Halfway anyways. -3:37 pm est

It is the traditional photo in effingham. 

I have been following this guy since I Illinois! I've been wondering what it is he is Hauling. Any ideas?

I stand corrected this song makes a road trip!

Nothing gets better than love shack on a road trip!!

Goodbye Linenwood! 

One last look!- 11:02am

The final goodbye for a month!:) -11:00am

Watching Karate Kid before I hit the road!:) -10:52am

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