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Thursday, May 15, 2014




Wow! Can you imagine how fast this semester has gone? Hope everyones finals are going smoothly and have not caused any suffering. 

If it has I apologize, it is almost over! ONE MORE DAY!!

This week has been extremely easy for me. I did not have any technical finals this year. I went to the zoo for one final, had a normal exam for another, and now I have a project due in 1 hour. It is really nice to be able to say that I have lived a stress free week! 

However I do still have to move out of my dorm and it is killing me on how much stuff I still have to pack! GROSS!

I will hopefully be done soon! 


I did not get to update on everything that was happening last week, but you may have figured out that I was involved with Throughly Modern Millie last week!  

This was some of the crew! Stage Right was the best (because I was that side!) We had a great time with this show! Including eating all of the gold fishes (yes I said fishes).

Load in took forever and a day! But it looked amazing when it was all said and done! 

The funny part was load out took 1 hour. Everyone kicked butt and got it done! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! IT was awesome! 

If you want to see more images of DaySpring School for the Arts use #dayspringschool on Instagram! 

I can't wait to work the next show with them, they are an amazing group of students that simply want to learn and work in this field of the arts! Thank you for making last week a special on!

Well what is good about this blog post is that information about the finals is not the only stuff included. Below you will see images of the madness of moving out! Haha! I hate moving out of my dorm 

I don't know anyone who likes to move! It is very boring! Anyone takers on moving me out? I will pay you.......with FOOD! :D

Going Once

Going Twice

Going....Going.... GONE! Thank you all for.... never mind I will just finish this talk about moving and move on! HAHAHA

Well my parents are coming tonight! I have way to much cleaning to do! Hope they don't know how much I have left! Haha I hope they don't read this blog.... 

Moving on... 


Look for an update later today regarding 'Coasting for Kids' fundraising event! Click here is you feel like donating: Daniel Sukup's Page PLEASE SHARE THE LINK!!

Have an amazing afternoon, 

Daniel Sukup

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