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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Let the adventure start!

I have now offically be back on the mountain for two full days! It feels great to be back! Honestly it feels as if I was only gone for a weekend and then can back! 

I have not been able to post just yet due to the amazing internet the last few days! 

This year I am in cabin 14. This cabin is way in the back behind two other cabins. Almost feels as if it is lost back there!;) 

When I got here, there were a few changes!! These changes are incredible!

First the laundry room:

NEW WASHERS AND DRYERS!! Yes I promise not to break them this year! 

New we see the showers:

If you don't know, last year these were covered in Indian paint and had broken tiles!! Amazing!! But it gets even better!!

We are now able to shut this door!! I am being serious when I express how happy this made me!! These small changes are simply incredible and could not thank the maintenance crew, the board, and everyone else that made this happen!  

The above image was from move in. The cabin is extremely spacious and the roommates are awesome!

Today, Monday, Indian men got back on horses! What an amazing time to be back on a horse! I love it! There is something about the horse that is powerful yet peaceful!!

Today we finished up 1.1 blocking. This year I am apart of the gauntlet!! I can't wait for that!:D 

We also started a little on combat and will be focusing more time to that as rehearsal process continues! 

I don't know what they will be doing for Kothee's fight this year, but I am 110% down for anything! Bring on the blood lust!:) 

Finally tonight, around 7pm, we will be running 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.7. That first number is the act and the second number is the scene. That is all done on the first day! Incredible! This process surprised be last year and it seems the same this year! 

I will be keeping you all up to date regarding scene blocking, horse riding experience, high falls, and so much more! Keep an eye out for all future post!:) 

As dinner break comes to an end, also I need to work some stuff. I leave you with this, our day schedule:

Thank you all,

Daniel Sukup (Suki) 

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the mother ship said...

Onward and upward!!!! I want to ride a horse. ;)