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Friday, April 4, 2014

The start of April

Wow! April is hear now for 4 days, and I have so much planned for this month! This is going to be a BIG month for me!

Where to start for the update?!

Lets fill in what has been going on for spring break:

I understand why professors are giving us homework over break, we only have 5 weeks left when we get back and that is not a lot of time. I have been doing homework over break. I have an Art History test next Thursday, an Art History paper due April 17th, and a Self-portrait due next Tuesday! Nothing  overwhelming but time consuming for sure.

For the past 3 spring breaks in my college career that has been something very familiar about them and this year did not disappoint! I think this image will help you understand:

Yea, you are looking at those images correctly! SNOW! I am so done with winter, but somehow it is not ever done with me!

That is a quick summary of Winter Spring break!

April has a lot in store:

-This coming weekend Anna Karenina Opens for one weekend only. This show will open on Thursday April 10th and close on Sunday April 13th.

-For my drawing class we have to submit art work for the student art show. Submissions are due April 7th and the show opens April 13th. If I get accepted into the show, this will be my first show ever!!! WISH ME LUCK!!

-Easter weekend, I will be leaving for Ohio to attend Media Day at Kings Island for their new roller coaster: Banshee! and also attending Scream for A Kid Again fundraiser for A Kid Again. I will also be there for opening day of Kings Island!!

-I will be making it back in time to attend 1 of 7 church services at Element Church! This church is amazing!!


I am now preparing/have been preparing for Tecumseh! this summer! If you don't know I will be back at Tecumseh! this summer! More information to come later!

Now for the big surprise that will effect me, I will be publishing something later on today. Look for a post regarding this information! I am excited for this as it will be big step for me.

That is the summary of April! Lots to look forward to and I can't wait to post about it all! Keep following and sharing this blog to keep up with everything that I am doing!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Daniel Sukup


the mother ship said...

Well then it looks as if April is going to fly by!!! May will be here before you know it. ;)

Daniel Sukup said...

Yep! I even forgot to mention that may is already getting booked up!:)