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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What is she doing now?

Welcome to the very first post of many regarding:

"What is she doing now?" 

This is a blog about a certain female in one of my classes. She is never paying attention to the class, and sometimes has some very interesting things on her computer she is looking at. Here is part 1! Enjoy!

First post we see the female subject in her natural habitat! She is looking relaxed, engaged in class, and present. However we take a closer look and what do we find? Well we do see that she is on her computer, could she really be a good student? Her relaxed position and engaged look seem to present the idea that she is a 'teacher's pet', but upon further inspection we find....

We find that she is fact not taking notes! But this has to be educational regarding Art History, right? Does anyone know if that webpage looks like? Google, I think, wait I am wrong that looks like an art website! Wait you are tell me, Daniel Sukup, that I am wrong? How could I be! 

"Look closer, it happens to be Facebook."
NO There is no way a student would not pay attention in Art History (personally I find it extremely interesting)! I can not believe this is happening, this is a cruel world that we live in! Oh the humanity!!

There has to be something good about her not paying attention , right? 

OF COURSE! Every person has something good intentions! I don't have to look at my iPad for the time, or my watch! All I have to do it look at her and I will know what time it is - ON THE DOT! 
(I will admit that I do this in one of my classes also, but at least this class has some knowledge that we can take from it if we listen.)

Well I want to thank her for the entertainment that she has provided for the weeks in school so far! I look forward to featuring her for the rest of the semester! look forward to Thursday for more, "What is she doing now?" I hear we are in for a good show! We may see a video pop up! 

Have a great week everyone,

Daniel Sukup

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