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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anna Tech Week

Let the Madness begin!

This week started the tech week for Anna at LU! It has been a long process... I have a countdown to shave my beard, cut my hair, and of course head to Ohio!

This show has been coming a long in great strides, there have been many bumps in the road, some hurt more then others, however this is normal for a show. In the end the show will look great, the story will come to life, and happy (in this case sad) audiences will love the show.

If you don't know Anna Karenina is a very depressing show, there are many light moments in the show, some of which are funny, but it is a tragedy, a good tragedy... if done right. So good, in fact that this story is considered to be the best written story of all time. This of course is argued by many, but it has been mentioned more then once!:)

What has been extremely impressive with this cast is that we have pulled together to decided to tell this story. We have been able to smooth out some of the potholes, the speed bumps and move along as a powerful...steam train.

I am confident when this train hits (no pun intended) opening night, it will be a strong success at Lindenwood University. Since this theater season at LU has been a 'High School' season, it will be a refreshing course of action to have something challenging, something thought provoking, something artistic. I am happy to be apart of it!

As many of you know, if not - SURPRISE, this will be my last show at LU. After 4 years of schooling it is slowly coming to an end. I am not saying I will not do theater anymore, just moving on from Lindenwood. It is so weird to say this is my last show! My last semester I will be focusing on Dance. I guess we will see if I get into Christmas Carol this fall, I have made it 4 Christmas Carols (4 years) without acting in one of them.

Ok, now getting back to Anna Kerenina and Tech week information with pictures:

The stage is all painted, ready to go....

This is going to be a long tech....

hey lookie there, techies! 

the stage, create, and other stuff....

That chandelier is finally being used after 4 years of not using it! WAY TO GO LU!

Well  it has been a process, tech week is now, spring break is coming up! Can't wait, need a break badly! Then show is the week after that. Then I finally get to change my appearance. 

Have a great week, 

Daniel Sukup

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