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Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day Thoughts, Oscars, Surprise, OH MY!

Today, Lindenwood University decided to call classes!

Does not affect me in any way, in fact I forgot that classes were cancelled and have been texting people if they want to go to lunch! haha, and well no one else is in the theater right now. Just sitting in the dark being a creeper in the Mac lab!:)

I thought I would jus
t spill my thoughts out for awhile. For some reasons writing and drawing have been my goto for stress relief, I find it oddly calming.

Last night, as we all know, was the Academy Awards! I will just flat out say, this was by far my favorite Academy Awards by far. The nominees were great, but Ellen stole the show for me.

Ellen was a fantastic host that offered a much needed since of energy and carefree attitude to the awards. She was out there and just being herself, doing what she loves, and pleasing the audience. Even if some of her jokes were "out there," meaning some people may not have gotten them, she still tried to keep the audience alive. It was almost like she was throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what would stick, and it worked!! Congratulations for not only breaking a world record, but ordering pizza for some people. I think everyone would have loved to been the pizza delivery guy! I bet he was in total shock when that happened.

What I loved most about Ellen, nothing seemed to be scripted. It seemed that it was all improv, unless you could tell she was reading a prompt. the augment is still up if that selfie was scripted or not, I say who cares it was brilliant!

Next I have to say that P!nk killed her performance! Even if it was not the silk above the audience, it was simple, elegant, and a well deserved tribute to The Wizard of Oz! I love this singer, she has always done what she wants and for that she has been rewarded greatly!

Bill Murray and his honor to Harold Ramis was thrilling. It showed that he lost not a co-star, but a great friend that deserved recognition for his life achievements. I wish they would have awarded him an Oscar.

Jim Carrey, the one that we all grew up to love, enjoy, and laugh came on stage as himself. It was very comical and a pleasure seeing him up there doing his thing.

Over all the winners of the Academy Awards I agree with. I have seen about 50% of the "major" movies that were nominated and feel that the winners of the movies that I have seen deserved the awards. I still need to see Dallas Buyers Club. I have not got a chance to see that movie!


Ok enough about the Academy Awards, lets talk about something else.

I have officially lined up my last advisor appointment of my college career! Wow I can not believe this! 4 1/2 years time I am done with my undergrads. Notice I did not say school. As of right now I don't have plans to go to grad school, however I would like to. I love learning and if the opportunity presents itself I will take it.

It shocks me to this this MAY 2014, I will have been out of high school for 4 years! Where did that time come??

Now I get to look back at what has happened in the last 4 years that has developed into my future career. When I first came to college, I knew very little of the field of arts. I started college with only working for three different theaters. These theaters influenced my decisions greatly and I knew that this was the right field!

When I was given the opportunity to intern at the Rose Theater in Omaha Nebraska, I took it and ran with it! My most important goal was to gain as much knowledge as possible. I did just that! I was able to learn from the tech department at that time (to many great
people to list), the heads of the teens' in theater department (again way to many great people to list), and the staff of the Rose (again you know the routine), I would not be where I am at without them!

My last production before I came to LU was at Omaha Community Playhouse, where I was beyond thrilled to work with such a talented cast and crew of Mister Roberts. That show, still to this day, offered my the strongest connection of a group of people I have ever been around. Thank you!

Once I hit college, I was a n00b at this whole theater thing. When it came to head shots, resumes, audition techniques, I was lost. But now I am found and I am finding ME! Who I am, what can I bring to the table that is different and unique.

In 4 years time I have been able to work with so many great companies, and great people. All of which have influenced my life in more ways then one!

Working with Monkey Tales Theater has been a blast and a half! Working with Tecumseh! has influenced my out look on theater and where I want to end up in 5/10 years. Being able to work with Missouri Ballet Theater for Nutcracker was a treat in itself. All of the Webster students have taught me so much in film, that it is unforgettable!

I am more then thrilled to see what then next 4/8/16 years bring! I look forward to every opportunity to learn and invest my time in discovering new experiences! Is it not what life is about?

Ok before I go on to long, I will end the "remembrance" post. Just remember you will get one in december when I graduate!:)

Thank you all of reading! I am going to go grab me some lunch! Hope you enjoyed a double post in one!


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