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Sunday, March 2, 2014

February to March

The second day of March has been an interesting on. At least I have been able to be very lazy today!:) I don't get to do that much! Is it wrong to enjoy some Spongebob at 22?

This winter storm was one of the worst predictions I have seen in a long time! I don't think anyone got it right across the nation. Can we just get to summer??

Anyways, we are now in a new month, and is brings up many new experiences that can give us much adventure! For most college students this includes Spring break and many people are starting to get their plans lined up! What am I going to do? Well I have no clue yet!;)

A lot of you may know that I create many stupid goals, well I have a new one and it involves running. For some reason I have decided to run 25k a week! Don't ask me why, I just love pushing myself to new extremes, even if it is something simple. At themes this can be very hard to do, and this is what I want to talk  about! 

There are many times in life when you will feel that something will be to difficult to do, and everything in your body just wants you to say no. But if you force yourself up, it can be something very rewarding. 

The other day I was running and wanted to stop so freaking bad, but I forced myself to continue and finished my 5k for that day. It was extremely rewarding! 

When life gives you a challenge to face, don't just give up, don't complain, don't post to Facebook! Stop and think and figure out how to overcome the challenge. You have to be strong a lot in life. Being strong will not only teach you lessons in life, but give you experiences that will leave a lasting impression on you.


Ok enough about being strong there are some other things I want to talk about! Why do people post negativity on Facebook?? I don't get it. I am not a fan of seeing items on my news feed that I classify as "feel sorry for me and like!" I feel that it shows you as a weak person that has little self confidence. Post things that give you hope, encouragement, strength (hahaha said it again), and can help others! Maybe this is what is wrong with society.


Finally, my goal for everyone that decides to read this is to remain strong, do something that you enjoy! Have a new experience, say yes once in awhile! Go be that child! I will be posting new experiences I have this month! My goal is to have at least 5 memorable new experiences by the end of this month!:)

Everyone have a great weekend, stay warm, and stay fresh! Word of advice, stay fresh on your history! (More on this later)


48 days!

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