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Monday, February 24, 2014


Wow what a weekend! I many ways, but lets just focus on the good l!:D

Hello all, how was your weekend?? I am hopeing that is was awesome!

This past weekend I attend Midwest Theater Auditions and it went amazing!

I preformed a monologue about a Turtle and a Monkey from a script in the Human Festivals. It was beautiful!:) 

At the end of my monologue I said the best thing ever, "If I don't see you today, Good afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night!" I wanted to see how many people would get the reference, and well almost everyone did and burst out laughing!:) got to love people that love the Truman Show!!

I waited for call backs to be posted and was thrilled to get a call back for Missoula Chirldren's Theatre (the company that I was hoping for)!! 

After listening to Michael talk about the company in callbacks, it seemed like an amazing job that can let someone grow as a person in so many levels that it would be hard to put into words!:) 

After this in counter I started talking to Roger from Maples Rep Theater, just for the fun of it and all of the sudden we started to talk about tech work and he invited me to talk to Tob the Artistic Director!! I have then all of my information regarding tech work and was super excited to make another connection!! 

What I learned was that NETWORKING WILL HET YOU MORE PLACES THEN AUDITIONING!! Every actor needs to know that!! 

This was a simple and quick update on my auditions! Can't wait for Fall SETC to be available to register!;) 

Have a great week! Make many memories and have a thrilling time,

Daniel Sukup! 

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