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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Facebook, LU, eMail, Repeat?

Welcome! Welcome!

This is happens to another examination of 
What is she doing now?

This week we are presented with a completely new attitude, something must have agitated the environment! Everything has changed, we see something that has not been see since the start of the semester! What is it?

A word of Caution: This can be EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! We are looking at the wild environment of college students in one of the most painful environments: CLASS!! This has been known to have very controversial images that have proven to cause heart attacks and other pains not normally experienced by humans. If this happens contact your doctor ASAP!!

Please continue reading below the dashed line if you wish you continue! 


We are starting off with the calmness of a normal creature looking at their Facebook, I wonder what interesting she could be learning on her Newsfeed. I highly doubt that it is another Baroque!

OMG! WAIT WHAT! We are getting on an educational website! My mind is blown! I am in shock, but relieved that this still can exist!! There maybe hope after all!!

Well as this day ticked on, I noticed that I saw the eyes get very active, however in this wild environment it can really only mean one thing: Lost of focus and attention span. This has proven to be true, yet again! We are presented with something not seen in all of the semester: PHOTOSHOP! My tour party was thrilled to learn something new while learning about Art History!! I now know how to open an image and click buttons!!

HOLY, MANOLY!! Do my eyes deceive me?? Can that be a word document that has text on it? Can it really be true? First we have an educational website up, then we have NOTES!!! WHAT! This is not reality, I must be tripping on something! This wild student is taking NOTES in ART HISTORY!! OMG!!

Well........ that lasted long....NOT! We are back to Pintrest, well at least our tour group can rest in peace knowing that she is back in her relaxing state of mind and will not attack anytime soon! I was getting worried there for a second that there was going to be at least 45 minutes of productivity!!

And finally, a blog! HAHA she is read what looks like a blog. I wonder if wild students will ever find out about this post about our great adventure in this classroom? That would present an very interesting experience in this expedition!! 

One of my favorite things is seeing students waste their education class time with pointless googling and not paying attention. We pay over 1K for these classes, should we not make the most of them, even if they are boring? ASK QUESTIONS and maybe you will learn something! People say I talk way to much, but I have learn so much in Art History class that I love this class!!

Anyways, this expedition will return after a miniature hiatus. We will be back in APRIL!! 

Have a great weekend and AMAZING SPRING BREAK!! If you find any wild creatures in this environment, let us know and we will set up an expedition and risk our lives to witness that creature!!

Daniel Sukup

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