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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Happenings


----Warning this post will be about love and what I did for my Girlfriend in the First ever Valentines day celebration for me!----

I have to make a disclaimer, we celebrated on Wednesday and not friday because Lauren had to work!:( Oh well! We should celebrate everyday anyways!:)

First off, It was wonderful convincing her that I was not going to celebrate Valentines day because I find it absolutely worthless when you should be showing love to your partner everyday and not just one day of the year.

Well behold, I decided to celebrate and she had no idea! I decided to get chocolates (of course), a rose (of course), and a large bottle of wine - she loves wine! I got all of this and also made reservations to Mother-in-Laws house in St. Charles for dinner.

Mother in Laws was AMAZING! The best food and atmosphere combination I have ever had at a restaura
nt. The food was homemade cooking and the owner was the sweetest lady I have experienced at a restaurant. I highly recommend this location for anyone that want to have a great meal and is willing to pay a little extra for a wonderful experience!

After this Lauren and I decided that a movie back at 408 would be more inviting then going to a movie. First she had to get a concrete (blizzard ice cream thing)!:)

When we got back to her campus house, we opened the wine and watched a few movies. She had never seen The Truman Show, and I made her watch it! She really loved it!:D That movie is one of my top 5 favorite Jim Carrey movies!!

I think I won this year on one of the best surprises I have done to Lauren!:) It will be hard for me to top this one, but I think I will one day!:)

how is everyone else spending your Valentines day? Dinner? Movie? Shopping? Let me know! Just make it special!:)

Thank you all

Daniel Sukup

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