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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best experience ever!

Recently I auditioned for Metro Theater Company here in St. Louis and had the most fun I have had at an audition! There were no monologues, songs, or stress. It was the most relaxed environment EVER!

The audition consisted of movement and lots of improve. So much improve that I may audition for an Improv troop (we will have to see about this).

The audition started off with everyone introducing themselves, but we had to have an action that went with our name. This broke the ice on the stress level and created a very fun environment!

After the introduction we did the typical (in a good way) exercise of exploring the room! We walked, ran, sneaked, pounced, and "blue" (had to create an action with that color). It was fun getting on the ground and high up and creating some movement that could
tell a story.

I think what made this audition so much fun were two exercise that we did. First there was an exercise that we partnered up with and had to be "opera" singers that were in unison and singing about our day! I was partnered up with a fabulous woman, who works at Lindenwood at the Dan Boone Home, that could sign very well. We had great charisma and hit some notes that were way up there! It was a blast to be able to experience this!

My other favorite exercise was when we were told to come up with a short phrase, any phrase and then were given a character to become. When I got up there I was given a Rock Star, and I sang "ring around the rosy" and I did a move that I thought I would never be able to do! I landed on my knees and leaned back till I was laying down! That shocked me! Now the other character I was given was a Brian Surgeon. When I was given this and still have "ring around the rosy" phrase I could only think of "Bates Motel" commerical I have been seeing and how creepy it is. Well I preformed this very creepy and had a phenomenal response!!

Now this was the end of the audition and I met some great people (forgot to get their contact) but they were all awesome and so much fun!

You are now asking if I was cast, Well I do have news on this that was very encourging news about this. I was not cast, however they enjoyed my work and just said that they don't feel there are any roles for me this season.

To conclude this awesomeness I had, what I feel, that best experience ever at auditioning!

Have a wonderful week and here is a shout out to Lauren!:P


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