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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Every Moment

Every Moment counts. Be thankful for everything. Enjoy the moments.

I have been very busy lately (wait when am I not busy) working on Wonderful Life at DaySpring Dance Academy. This was a good show to work! It was the first time that I had to do all of the lighting up to patching. I did not set up cues, but it was the first time I patched with little help! It was a great learning experience and I am honored to be able to have this experience.

Brian, who I Intern under, is very talented and seeing his designs come to life is amazing. He has come very creative designs. We has a snow rigged machine that was much different then I has seen before and it worked pretty good for being 32 feet long.

Other then working on this show, I have been working on audition material for upcoming auditions. Which reminds me to say that, I hope everyone that went to UPTA did an amazing job this past weekend!! I will be letting you know about auditions in a post upcoming this week!

The other "show" related item, today I had the table read for Anna Karenina and I do have to admit that was most likely my best table read I have every had!

Ok, enough with the updates, lets get to the relationship to all of this to every moment.

A while back I had a great post about doing what you want and to enjoy life. This is so true and I want to add more to this. In life we have these beautiful moments that sometimes get over looked by not being that great, however these moments can be the best life lessons or most honoring one can have.

Every moment has something that can influence something in your life, something we can learn. Instead of looking at each event as something I have to do, but to look at it as a blessing to have this opportunity. That is something very powerful that I have been working on a lot this year, to be able to learn from each experience and how it impacts me.

I also suggest each of you to take every opportunity to do something, to meet new people, to be able to have new experience that can lead you down paths that you may have never known were possible. Plus it keeps life very rewarding in itself to have new experiences in life, you know we live once!

Look at life as a positive energy and influence. This will help you make your days much better, less stress, and will give you an opportunity to be able to experience each moment.

Now in other news, Valentines Day is coming up this week! If you are like me in finding this holiday lame and try not to celebrate it then take this advice: Celebrate a different holiday on the 14th! Either St. Patricks, Easter, Christmas, or something new. But if
you are gong to celebrate: Make it special and something that will create memories for a lifetime or at least 365 days!:)

Have a great night/day and I will be writing soon,


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