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Monday, January 27, 2014

Guess who is back...

That is right everyone! I am back in St. Louis Missouri! After 6 beautiful weeks off and back home in Omaha Nebraska, I am back and refreshed for a new school semester!

Break was amazing. I really did nothing special,  just hung around the house with family! We had different family gatherings, family outings, and other quality time items with parents! I spent most of my time outside in the woods, thinking and relaxing!

I did attend a master class in Omaha that was very exciting! It was under Broadway Dreams Foundation and it was an hour acting exercise that was focusing on self awareness and letting it happen and not force the emotion.

I now get to get the ball rolling to have an amazing year! I am thrilled to start this semester! I am only taking 13 credit hours and one of the classes I will be finished on February 8th! Then I am only taking 10 hours! Ha this semester is going to be awesome! I only have this semester and last semester left!

Having a four day weekend ever week is going to be something amazing! I am very tempted to get a "real job" for the days that I don't have school. However I am working with DaySpring Academy for the Arts as in intern and that is keeping me very busy this semester. I am still debating on what todo! I have to get my normal job resume together first off and then we will go from there!:)

I have a few auditions coming up, one of them is for Metro Theater Company here in St. Louis. I am excited for this audition and can't wait to tell you more about this audition. I have Midwest Theater Auditions coming up in late February and now I am focusing on working on that monologue.  All other auditions I will tell you at a later time because secrets are amazing!:)

I was super excited when I got my Humana Festival scripts from 2011 and 2012! I can't wait to indulge myself in these scripts and hopefully find some great monologues!

I also am looking for more workshops in St. Louis area to attend, if you know of any please let me know!

Anna rehearsals will be starting in about two weeks! We have a read through on Feb 2nd. I will be talking a lot about this show in the coming days!

I feel that is a good run down and quick update that may interest you. I will be keeping up to date on everything that happens!

This year is gong to be bigger then last year and I can't wait to get it started! only 48 more weeks left of this year, that is not that much time!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy some Simon's Cat!:)

Daniel Sukup

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