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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving part 2

Hello all,

Sorry for taking a little longer for part two!

I left you all off with my thanksgiving at Lake Arrow head with my cousin, his wife, and her parents! Again it was an amazing thanksgiving!!

On Black Friday, however, we had to leave! But not all was bad because the Hawks beat the Huskers!:) and my brother and I hiked to Potato Chip Rock! That was a beautiful hike!!

We were about 3/4 the way up! It is approx. 1500 feet to the top, not a bad hike at all. Took us only an hour to the top!

Thanks me on the rock! A really cool rock to! Out there on the ledge, hope it does not break!!

Then we headed back down! It was crowed at the top, which was sad. 

It only took us 40 minutes to get down and out of the park!

After this we headed to my brother's friend's house for thanksgiving where we had more delicious food and also placed Duck Dynasty and Cards Against Humanity! What a great Friday evening!!

 Just an FYI this game is very short and presents a nice challenge. 

Now for Saturday!Knott's Berry Farm!!!!!!

 I was so excited to be here! So many great rides!! Plus when you get infor free with free parking does make it that more awesome!!

Our first ride was ghost rider! What a great wooden coaster!!! It had some interesting elements that provided a great thrill from start to the final break run!!

I love Xcelator!! This is the mother to Top Thrill Draster!! What is also great about this ride is that it offered the seconded fastest acceleration in the world!! 0 to 80 in only 2 seconds. Current record holder goes 0 to 100(ish) in 2 seconds.

It was a great day! Even though there were quite some people, it was just great to spend this time with my brother!!!

This is my favorite photo! It shows sidewinder in a great light! After we left the park, we did some shopping and I got this:

A Jaw bone Warclub!! It is so freaking cool that I had to have it!:) and yes it is 100% authentic!

Well that wrapped up my Saturday!:( unfortunately that means that I had to head back on Sunday!:(

I did not want to but that is life! I hope everyone had an amazing thabksgiving! Please share you thanksgiving with me somehow!! I want to know what you did! Thank you all for partaking in reading my thanksgiving trip! It means more then anything!

Till next time!

Daniel Sukup 

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