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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

Hello All,

I think everyone here would agree that everyone needs a much needed break! Well I am here to tell you that statement is 100% TRUE!

Lindenwood University does not have a fall break, meaning that from labor day to whenever Thanksgiving falls that year, we are in school. Even though in the real world this is normal, but in the real world you are not taking 5,000 classes that all have papers and projects due at the same time, on top of that a working job, then whatever else a normal college student does. From me it is a full schedule every day! But at least I enjoy it!

Ok enough about needing another break, and talking about what everyone is doing for Thanksgiving break!

What are you doing??

I hope everyone is doing something fun and some great memories are formed!

I will be going to CALIFORNIA to San Diego to have Thanksgiving with my brother! I am so excited! Have not been to San Diego for over a year, almost two. It is a great city! Can't wait to get there!
Just look at that city! I it is perfect! 

Well, we are going to do some amazing things while I am there! I am super excited to have Thanksgiving with my cousin and his wife this year! Have not seen them since they got married! I will also be going to Potato Chip Rock! We have to hike up this and it offers some great views! I have never been up there and it seems like it will be absolutely amazing! To the left is the rock! it sits on either a mountain or a tall hill. I know ever little about this area, but it will be AWESOME!!! What could make this trip even better?? Well my brother and I have been getting stronger in our faiths and we attends the Rock Church! We will be going to The Rock for church! This is a Mega Church that is awesome! I can't wait to see what it looks like in person! That many people getting together for their faith is a glorious thought! Look at that photo on the right! Huge space were thousands gather to worship, plus look at all the lights!:) lol that is not that important! 

We are going to KNOTS BERRY FARM!!

This is an amazing amusement park that is located south of LA. It is not a Cedar Point, it is did and still does influence Cedar Point in big ways! A lot of the big rides at Cedar Point have a sister at Knotts Berry Farm in a smaller form. This park is going to be awesome for the thrill rider in me! 


I can't wait to post photos from this trip! it will be amazing! Please let me know what you are all doing for Thanksgiving?!? 

Have a great Thursday everyone! Have a good video to watch!:)

Daniel Sukup

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Anonymous said...

Yea u need a break...enjoy the time in Cali..should be fun. Take lots of pics ya. Dad