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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 1

Hello all,

Wow! Thanksgiving went so fast that 5 days have almost past! This is crazy! Well how did. Your thanksgiving go? Anything new? Exciting? Refreshing? Adventurous? Or relaxing? Is so let me know about it! I want to hear what everone did!! 

My thanksgiving was an amazing and memorable one that I soon won't forget! This will be a two part series on my Thanksgiving trip to California! 

This episode I will talk about the flight there, wine country, and Lake Arrow Head. 

To start if with any adventure, you need a starting point. Well mine happened to be in St. Louis taking a 6am flght! This met that I had to be ready to go to the airport at 4am! Who would ever be up at this time to take me to the airport? Well none other then my amazing girlfriend Lauren G! She is amazing peoples!:) I could not thank her enough for taking me at 4am. 

Ok, enough about that moving on. When I arrived to the airport, I was forgiving that the airport would not be super duper crowed because I was the first flight out, but I guess a lot of people what to leave "home" ASAP! Thank god I did not have check in luggage or I would not have made my flight.  It took me 25 minutes to get through security!!

Now after all that jazz, I am on the plane and flying to San Dieago!! 

So many people leaving all at once!!

I think I see the sun!:) 

I just love this photo! It is simply beautiful! We around about 39,000 feet above the forum here!:)

First time seeing the Hover Damn!!! Now I just need to see it up close!! 

Well now we landed in Las Vegas! Of course when you are here you have to play the slots!

Yep! That is me! I won $8 with only putting $1 in the 1¢ slots!:) it was a great morning! 

Now we land in San Diego! -I am seeping through this trip- "Lets do the time warp again!"

Off the plane and heading to Wine Country and Lake Arrowhead!! Can't wait to show you all!!

Wine Country!!  

A dark phot of my brother and his friend, his friend's brother and girlfriend, and his wife. We are all drinking wine and have dinner! And that wine was the best I have ever had! I suggest everyone to get to wine country!! 

Ok the evening turns to dark and we head to Lake Arrowhead. This photo is not from a plane. It is from the mountain! We are climbing approximately 6,000 feet to get to my cousin and his wife's parents Lake house. 

Early morning but this was my view for a few days! Thanksgiving and balck Friday. 

Here is a better photo of the lake! This was taken by their shopping centre they have in the area! It is really cool to be there! I found out that only residents of this area can shop here!:) 


Well that was part one! Wow that was a mouth full! I took you all the way from St. Louis to San Diego to Lake Arrowhead! Can't wait for the next post!! It will be very exciting!! 

Ok now I better get ready for school! Last week.   

Love you all,

Daniel Sukup 

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