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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday To....

Hello all,

It is that time of year again!! No, it is not Christmas or Thanksgiving! It is something more special to me then anything ever!! My Brithday!!!

This year I will be the big 22 - I love this year because it is double deuces, only happens once (well so does every number!) 

This year I have been celebrating a little early. On Saturday my best friend Craig jones and I went to Dave and Busters to have a few drinks and play arcade game till our hearts could not take it anymore!! It was a blast! I won a lava lamp!!:) 

Brithday Drink!!

Mister Criag Jones in the prize room! He got two glass glasses!:)

My beautiful lava lamp is working!:) 

That was just part on if the celebration! 

Part two comes tonight! I have 50 balloons that I have been waiting to blow up in my room, so when I wake up there is a balloon madness!! 

Part three, making some cupcakes for my 2D design class, got to make them tonight as well!! Hope to find some good cupcake mixes. 

Part four, my birthday day!! I am going to opening presents and then hang out with my girlfriend after rehearsal by going to Ginghams for free food!:) 

Part five, does not exist, just wanted to right part 5!:) 

As you can tell this year, like every year, is going to be awesome!!! I love birthdays! It is like turning over a new leaf! Every year is a fresh start, and 22 will be no different!! 

Have a wounderful week, I have a great blog post coming up very soon about thanksgiving break and what I am doing!! 

If you don't mind, how do you celebrate you birthdays??

Love you all,


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