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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Wow! It seems like we never stop auditioning for stuff! 

Hello all,

Let me first say that The Lord has blessed me so much this year! I am starting to get a lot if auditions and starting to book jobs!!

Here is a rundown of what auditons I have been heading to recently!!

A Mob video, Fairwood Brothers, Star wars 7, and finally __________. The last one I will reveal to you later in the year, it is a surprise!:).
A mob video:

This one was a little out of my range I feel, it was a challenge to play (or attempt) a son of a mob leader. 

This was a video audition, and for those that don't know what happens in a video audition, they are very informal auditons. First you have to set up good lighting, food camera focus and make sure you look camera ready. After all of that you now get into the acting part! Make sure you pay attention to required wardrobe, this is very important. Then you will slate, meaning you say your name, other information that they want, then agency. After that you do profiles if they want them.

Now once this is all done, you get to Edit* it all together and send the file to your agency or directly to the person casting. 

*when I say edit, I mean the simple stuff! Putting slates and audition into one video!

This was a unique experience!

The next one was the Fairwood Brother  aidtion. If you don't know, Fairwood Brothers are a music group that, well makes music. I don't know much about their work, I have listened to some of it and it's hard to tell what genre. 

This was an in perish audition. When I got to the location about 12 of us were there. The audition was to be from 4-5 but ran a little longer, oh well that is how the color crumbles. 

When I got to audition, I was a little aggravated because the just notified that all the roles for men but one was already cast! I wish I knew this before hand. But you still have to go. 

Well I get into the audition room and they were very friendly, however I was reading there body language and they pretty much had already cast the last role. I did my best in the audition. Was it as strong as it could have been? No, but we all have bad auditons once in a while. Now moving on:

Finally Star Wars 7, this was a long shot, but what was the main reason for going was to hand my headshot and resume to MaryEllen who has cast many major "superhero" films including "man of steel" and many, many others. This opportunity was not going to pass me. 

I went, got there early and the line was not long at all, and was out by 11:30am. It was a meet and greet style, meaning that all you did was hand your headshot ad resume to her, she says hi and a few words and you go! I was thrilled when she loved my resume and said it was great stuff, keep up the hard work. 

That was all of the auditions. The last one is a surprise!:)

Just a little about Christmas Carol Update! 

We have started tech rehearsals, we just finished spacing rehearsals and that went great, now we have to go into tech and we have a short tech because of Thanksgiving break!:) I will post photos of everything next week :)

Thank you for reading,

Love you all



the mother ship said...

So, I wonder if because you "read" the body language you unconsciously did not give your best effort. They may have "cast" the last part, but if you blow them away they can just as well substitute you. Having said that, keep on keepin' on. You're awesome!!!! Show them that. ;)

Daniel Sukup said...

You have a good point. This is something that I know I have to work on, and it is very tough to do so!!