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Monday, October 21, 2013

DaySpring Upcomings

Woah, I am updating you all up in stuff!:)

Hello all,

Lately I have been working at DaySpring Dance Academy for different events. One of then was their 20th anniversary gala and the other one was their dance concert. Both events were very fun and had some interesting things about them. 

The gala was a one day gig, but it was at a theatre I have never been at, the Sheldon! It was a very beautiful theatre. 

Anyways we sent it up for the gala and we were ready for the show. Many people arrivied at this event to donate money to DaySpring. After the event there was a bar and a some deserts, including cheese cake!:) over all it was a great evening. 

A bit dark, but a look at the theatre. 

More theatre. 

The stage. It was more like a concert venue. 

This is where a commerical was filmed, but which one?

Ok enough of the gala now the dance concert. 

This past weekend we were at DeSmit High School for the dance concert with two acts: Waves of Destiny and Pinocchio. Both offered a unique story line for the audience to watch. 

I was backstage left and helped with scene changes and fly rail. This show had a lot if scene changes, but that made it more fun to work. 

When we were not doing scene changes we were either fighting over gold fish or in hailing haze. 

Lookie I smoked some haze!:)

Anyways here are some more photos from the dance concert. 

This was the grid. It was really cool because it offered a real grid that was able to be walked on. 

The look down!:)

I think we need more fog! We used so much fog for this show that Brian asked if there was a fire!:)

SL tring to watch the show, but not working so well. 

The final curtain call. Now strike. 

We moved quick. We were done with the batons in about 30 minutes. And done with strike in about 1hour and 30minutes. 

This was the dance concert and gala at DaySpring. Can't wait for Little Mermaid!! 

Ok, now got to get ready for school!:(


Found two more photos. 

Fly system. 

The audience taking photos. 

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