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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Deck the Hall with.....

Hello All,

It is that time of year again! That time where you wonder why you walk into a store and instead of hearing that spooky halloween music you are hearing: "We wish you a merry Christmas..."! Instead of halloween candy there is mistletoe.

Christmas Carol Drawing 
Christmas is right around the corner if you like it or not. Only 73 days left until the big day, not counting or anything. This brings me up to my next item of business. Now since we are talking about Christmas, lest talk about CHRISTMAS CAROL THE SHOW!:)

 I am currently involved in this show as you should know! I wont talk a lot about this right now, well because there is really nothing interesting to update you all on. We did get the floor finally tapped out and it was a pain in the ass.

I will state this for the record there are some very strong actors in this show! I really thing I should so a spot light blog post on them! There are a few that just stand out and shock me when I am sitting behind the SM table. It is rewarding to be able to witness this greatness behind the table, to see what a hard working actor looks like and what they do. It is not the same if you are an actor in the show, because this can bring you down, but when you are a stage manger then it is really a neat thing to see.

Finally this past week was our first week of blocking and it went very smooth. There really is nothing for me to really do right now, so I spend three hours working on homework! It is a wonderful time to do this! I am in charge of the scene shifts and the run crew. This will get crazy towards tech week, but until then I am enjoying not doing much during rehearsals!

In other news I am going to have a post coming up about Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre! I will be heading to Metropolis this coming week for a show out there. This is the first time I get to travel out of state with this company. I am excited and cannot wait to get more details so I can share with all of you!

Now I leave you with this: NOW WATCH IT!

love you all and have a great rest of the weekend! GO CARDS!!!

Daniel Sukup


the mother ship said...

OK, that cartoon is crazy!!!!

Helen Pancella said...

I LOVE Straight No Chaser =D <3

Daniel Sukup said...

I do love me some straight no chaser! Thank you all for reading! Please spread the word!!