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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ShockTop Commerical

Hello all,

Recently I filmed for a ShockTop commerical! To simply out it, it was the most fun I have ever had filming for anything. 

We were there for 4 hours to film a beach party, around a fire, listening to music, and ofcourse enjoying some great ShockTop. 

What was probably the coolest moment ever, was noticing how these 20 actors were more as "we know each other since ever and we are having a beach party." That was what was strange to witness this. After the filming I left we maany new friends and a great experience in my pocket. 

Here are some photos on set:

This was our beach. By the way if your forgot it is October and we were wearing. Shorts, flip flops, and T-shirts all in 45° weather. 

What would a film shoot be without some rain, very cold rain! 

Welcome to my closet. 

Rainbow!!!! I see a rainbow!!!

And this is where I was for about 4 hours! I love fires! 

We are filming a commerical or just hanging out?? I don't know!

Let's show off that ShockTop!

We ever had some rope lights making this even looking more like a party. 

We look so evil!:)

And the party is getting intense. Ok everone is cold so we had to get closer to this fire. 

Woah! It is JEFF!!! Omg, I can't believe this. Have you ever woundered what actors are saying when so you see a commerical? Well it can get interesting quickly!

Finally look at this very scary look. The sun is gone, but it looks amazing.

Ok okay, I posted enough photos to show how awesome this experience was! I cannot wait to have another one! It was a blast. This is my career choice? Man why would I ever choose such a fun job? That should not happen. Job and fun should not be together, right? WRONG!!

Have a great day everone, it is HUMP DAY!!

Daniel Sukup 


the mother ship said...

How cool!!! Play around a bonfire, drink, freeze, and get paid. Life is good!!!

Daniel Sukup said...

Yea it was awesome! Hope to have more like this!!

Anonymous said...

Dan man the beginning........of many to come

Love proud of ya Dad

Daniel Sukup said...

Thanks dad.