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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The End!

Hello all,

This will be my last post for Tecumseh! 2013! Where did this summer go?

I remember the first time I saw the stage, I was just in shock, it was so beautiful! I could not believe I was to live here for 3 months. 

Then came the first day of rehearsals. I remember just feeling like, "what the hell did I just get myself into!" It was very intense, to sum it up: boot camp for actors! 

After two week we ran the show every night until opening! It was so fast pace, unlike anything I have ever done before!

Opening night: was a great night, except my wig fell off! That moment I will never forget when I just wanted to die. 

Well three months later and so many friends made, this is the end! I will miss everyone! It will be hard, but there is always another time! It is a weird thought that this group of people will not all be together to again!

Well enough of the sad stuff, here is the cool stuff: a full list of stats!!!

1) Approx 150 hours put in for rehearsals
2) Approx 300 hours put in for show time 
3) 72 shows! With 2 rain outs
4) 65 backstage tours
5) 5 no tours
6) 4 rain tours
7) over 200 highfalls!
8) 130 public highfalls
9) fell approx 3,250 feet in public!
10) 74 wig cleaning days
11) approx 465 rubber bands used for my wigs. 
12) over 650 shot guns shots
13) 72 mouth blood bags
14) died 144 times
15) 216 fights
17) 72 pond tosses
18) over 75 hours of putting makeup on
19) 5 lines mess ups this season
20) 1 wig coming off this season 
21) 1 amazing season with amazing memories!!

Hope you enjoyed following Tecumseh! 2013! I will be posting about other projects soon!!

Thank you to all that made this an amazing season for everyone! So many names that I could not list them all! A generic thank you!!

Daniel Sukup 


Tami Sukup said...

That was a awesome list of stats. Enjoyed all 21 of them for my 21 year old professional actor. You learned a lot, made great memories and began your journey as an actor in front,of amazing crowds. You need to add to this list the total number of sell outs, and total patron attendance.

See you soon. God bless and may I be blessed with seeing you in many, many more productions or films.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Dan man sorry the summer went so fast , I am so glad I saw the show it was so special to me God bless bud see ya tomorrow ya dad

Daniel Sukup said...

Thank you for helping moving me in! I am glad you enjoyed this post so much! It is crazy it is over!

Daniel Sukup said...

It did go way to fast!!!