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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Final 4!

Hello all,

Wow! We just passed show 70! That is nuts! I have never, ever done a show 70 times!!! I have said this so many times, but it has been an amazing blessed experience! I have enjoyed ever moment of it and I pray I can do it again! 

Speaking of doing it again, recently (if you follow me in Facebook) we had auditions and interviews for the next season! In one word both of them went: AMAZING! I felt I had a strong audition piece and the interview was very positive! 

This was the first time I ever met someone who not one knew of the show my monologue was from but also was involved with it in the past! Was a crazy thought! 

Now we have 4 shows left! School at Lindenwood in back in session, I am here in Ohio, and doing all the homework that I can do! It had been crazy how fast this summer has gone, but this coming fall is sure to be a pleaser! Can't let you all know yet, but the production involvement is up to 5. It still could grow to 6 or 7!!!! Or even higher, but it is all a secret

Ok I love you all, now stop reading this and get back to school, unless you have a day off! 

Daniel Sukup 

Soak every moment in life like a sponge, you simple don't know when you will need to reference that experience! 

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Tami Sukup said...

Congrats on an amazing summer. Look forward to seeing you in more and more productions. Look forward to see you for a few hours. God bless you as you wrap up this production. Thank you to all members of the Tecumseh family for sharing this journey with my son. Drive safe. Love you .