New Experience

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Christmas Carol

Hello all,

Recently we had the Christmas Carol callbacks and Children auditons! 

I am the asm (assistiant stage manger) for this production. For callbacks I was simply trying to organize everything!

The next day, well I ran auditions by myself!:) 26 children, three areas for them all to head to, and all done by me! The other asm was working and so was the sm! Oh well, got to get back into the swing if things somehow!:)

Pretty much all of the casting is done, now we wait to put up the cast list!

Finally since you made it this far reading, I am going to tell you something special!

I am also apart of Monkey Tales Theatre production called Hero's Journey. This is a two person show that I play 5 different roles! It is absolutely crazy! I will give you more detail in another post!!

Also, I have callbacks for another show, but I will let you know soon!

Thank you all, have a great weekend!!!

Daniel Sukup