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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Understudy Rehearsal!

Hello All,

Yesterday we had our second understudy run through! I was playing the part of frog hunter! It went very well and I felt very comfortable with it! Surprisingly I did not get confused as much as I thought I would! 

Being an understudy is very interesting. It was quite strange seeing my seen and me not being in it! I will however state that my understudy did an amazing job! All understudies did a very good job! 

I think I have one more surprise up my sleeve I want to tell you:

My parents and brother came to Chillichote to see my show! They loved it and I was so happy for them to make it and even cooler was that it was their anniversary! 29 years of amazingness! Love you all! I have never been this proud to be in a show! 

Thank you to Eldon, Tami, and Jeremy Sukup for making opening weekend even more special!! Love you all!

Daniel Sukup!


Tami Sukup said...

You made our trip amazing by sharing your acting talent with us. Yes, I still am not sure I should find it awesome to see my son fall off a rock cliff at 25 feet, but you sure make it look easy. I agree that the Cardinal game was an added plus. Thanks to Jeremy for buying us tickets to see what turned out to be an amazing 10 inning awesome win. We are blessed to have spent our 29th anniversary with our 2 wonderful sons :) Also give thanks to God for our safe travels on a 15 hour each way road trip.

Anonymous said...

bud it was so amazing to see you in the show, the falling was really neat to see as well. I think you did a very outstanding job in the performace of the show. The whole cast was well worth the 14 hour drive.,Everyone should take the time to see this amazing show and all the history involved. I am so happy for you, and wish you continued success in all you do .... Love ya Dan,,,,, DAD

Daniel Sukup said...

Thank you for those words! I miss you so much!! That game was amazing! Happy anniversary again!!!

Daniel Sukup said...

I am so happy to hear that it was worth the trip and not just for me but for the show! Thank you for enjoying it so much! Miss you! Can't wait to tell you some awesome stuff!