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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Opening night/weekend

Hello all!

Sorry for the late update for opening night! It had been a whirl wind of excitement! 

First off pictures:

This is the height and the fall pad that I land on. I do this for the tours! 

Another view of the fall pad! This is about a 25 foot fall!! It is so much fun!

This is our stage left prom! 

This is our pond that gets used a lot! 

This is the back path used for cross overs between stage left and stage right. 

And finally here is out segregation! We have separate benches, dressing rooms, changing areas for the Indians and the whites. This is not because Indians v. Whites, but because Indians cannot get paint on the white's costumes, this segregation had to happen! 

Entrance to the theatre

Opening night cook out! It was so much fun! Had lots of food and fun memories!

And finally the opening night cast party! It got crazy! But it was all worth it! Lots of food, drinks, and fun! What a great way to start out day off!!


Now I have shown some photos, we will move on to the opening night show!

To sum this up: everything that could go wrong for me went wrong. I messed up / lost my footing in the 1.1 fight. In 1.2 the biggest mess up happened ever: MY WIG CAME OFF ON STAGE!!!! I was so angry about it! My scene was so bad because of it. But at least now I can laugh about it and move on. It is in the past, now just don't let it happen again! 

That was about all that happened to me during the show! The rest went ok! I was still angry through the rest of the show, but we made it!

The second night went amazing! I did not lose my wig! I nailed my scene! We all nailed the war dance with great energy! Everything was great! 

After the show we had the cast party which was amazing! We/I had so much fun! Like I said there was so much food, lots of drinks, and so much fun! Everyone  was dressed up very nice! I got to wear my wing tip shoes with my $5 suite jacket! I looked sharp! 

Well the rest of the weekend I can't talk about right now, but I will later!;)

Have a great night everyone! 

Lover you all,

Daniel Sukup 


the mother ship said...

OMG!!! My worst nightmare when I am wearing a wig!!!! It had to be mortifying! But now it is done with and it will never happen again.

It sounds like it all was awesome though. Keep up the energy as the summer goes on. How many weeks do you do this? Is it only on Fri and Sat nights?

Judi ;)

Daniel Sukup said...


It was so horrifying! I was scared not only for the scene but for what my director was going to say to me! I wanted to kill my self!

The show runs Monday thur Saturday! We have 74 performances! We only have Sundays off!:) but it is well worth it!

DIY Creativity said...

The wig thing wasn't so bad since you come on in such a rush. I couldn't even notice till you were thrown on the ground and it flopped around and then Raybud covered it up for you really well.

Daniel Sukup said...

He did! That is true! It could have been worse.