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Monday, June 17, 2013

The life of an.....

Hello all,

Well this was interesting - the life of an actor - what do we do when we are bored??

Well we either go to a bar on a Saturday night and find out why Chillichote has the name of Chillivegas, or you have movie night in the male dressing room! Take your poison! But if you are really up for the game pick both and see what happens!

First Chillivegas! With out going into great detail - first rule of Vegas it stays in Vegas - lets just say that there are many interesting characters in Chillichote that think they are hot stuff but really on the scale rank a -3 and not a 10! I was about to post a photo of some people but decided against it, however just google Chillichote Ohio women and you may get a picture of what I mean! 

Now part two of the poison! 

Yesterday after a great day at the beach, we were going to see a movie: This is the end, however we got back and decided against that! Instead we choose the free option! Mark grabbed his tv and DVD player and hooked it all up in the dressing room! We had about 5 people watching a movie as people were using the bathroom, taking showers, getting ready for bed! It was a blast! We watched "Truth or Die" a British horror story! In all reality it was good movie and the end was my favorite ending to a horror movie! Then we watched an episode of "Goosebumps" and then "Vampire in Brooklyn" both great items to watch!

Our set up in the dressing rooms!!

That is a taste of what random stuff happen as actors! We want movie night, we get movie night! 

Have a great Monday, 

Daniel Sukup 

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