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Friday, June 7, 2013

Today is opening!

Hello all!! 

Guess what.....

It has been a long rehearsal process, however all of the hard work will pay off tonight! It is opening night! The energy is very high and we all pumped! 

It is amazing to me that a show can go up this quick and still be show ready! This means that no one ever be complaining about no having enough time ever again! Lol

Today is June 7th and it does not feel like summer, it is cold and I am wearing pants, and a sweatshirt. I wish the weather was a little warmer and sunny! Maybe by show it will be clear sky! 

As we get ready for the show, this path I run a lot, meaning I make a lot of trips to the stage because I keep forgetting stuff! 

Well a few minutes ago I got all of my wigs cleaned out and ready for show! It took about and hour to do it! 

These two wigs happen to be my wigs for the show..... Shhhh I did not show anyone! Lol 

Last night was awesome! Our producer bought a crap ton Of pizza for us yesterday and it was delicious. 

Tonight after the meet and greet we are having a pre opening night party at the fire pit with hamburger and other grilling stuff!!

No tomorrow night - Saturday - is the opening night party, it is on Saturday because lets just say that the only rule is that everyone better be ready for Monday fight call! 

Ok well I better get going. Got one final call better I start my first ever your!!

More of the living space

The white man smoking benches......
Backstage left 

Stage left view from forest. 

Stage view.

Ok now I really have to go...

Love you all

Daniel Sukup. 


Cathelyn Jones said...

Hope opening night was awesome! Love your pictures, everything looks great! Wish I could have been there. Love ya!

Daniel Sukup said...

It was all very beautiful! I wish you could have made it out, but don't you fear! This is be nothing close to my last acting gig! This is just the start to something big!