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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Opening day is a day away!

Hello all,

This will be a little update! Tonight we had a fantastic run through! The energy was amazing, even though there was some errors! 

Today we also added all make up, all torches, and battle gun fire. This was intense! It is very hard to make sure my male up is looking great for stage! Every free second I have is either fixing my wig, fixing makeup, or setting props! I have no free time from about 5pm to 1230am! It is long but so much fun and well worth every minute! 

In one of the major battles I finally got to shot my gun and that was awesome! I got about 10 shots off and my goal is to hit 15 before I have to go on! I won't let you know more about this but maybe let you know later on - after my parents and brother have seen it. 

Here are some photos:

This is my makeup for the show - minus the war paint, and headdress. This take me about 2 hours (right now) to get ready for this show! 

My makeup spot, well the word clean will never exist in my vocabulary anymore!:)

This is a drum that some of the actors have painted for the show to buy in the gift shop. Hint hint - mom and dad if this drum is still there, this is my drum you can buy! Lol  this drum is not done yet. 

I love this note! I got a good vocal note!:)

And finally I will leave you with this interesting spider. Tell me what type it is! I really want to know!

Ok, now time for sleep! I will update you tomorrow after the run though and on opening! Love you all,

Daniel Sukup!!


Tami Sukup said...

Daniel, for the drum hint, why don't you buy it for us :) or at least place it on hold and we can get it for our 29th anniversary. Sorry we won't be there for opening night, but I do look forward to seeing the show and you. Be amazing and work towards being the actor that you have dreamed of being. Love you.

Tami Sukup said...

Congrats on vocal note. Makes me feel like all those extra vocal lessons are starting to pay off. Yeah!!!!!