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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sometimes things happen!

Hello all,

Recently I had the weirdest show I have ever done in my acting history! Everything seem to simply disappear! 

To start the show I have everything preset on stage right in the tech shed. This included all props, costumes, and wigs. Always in the same spot. 

After 1.2, I come off stage running to change super quick. Well I get to my wig part and it has been moved/gone. I could not find it! It was not until after the show that I found it in the wig shed on a different head. 

Also, in 1.2 I have a bandage type cloth and use this for my wound. After 1.2 and during the quick change it vanished. It was not until the next day that I found it underneath the stairs. 

These were the two biggest things that happened on that show. There were other weird things like presets not being where they are normally, cues being changed a little bit. This is live theatre for a reason!!

That is all folks,

Daniel sukup


Tami Sukup said...

What a beautiful part of the country you are experiencing. To think my son is officially a professional actor, and loving every day of it. That is a mother's dream, to know their child is happy, loving life, and healthy.

Continue to stay safe, improving acting skills and having great down time w friends.

We are proud of you and glad we were able to see the show as a family.

Jeremy will always remember standing in line waiting for others to get your autograph, and all of us hoping this is just the beginning :)

Tami Sukup said...

Hope he gremlin that is moving all your props and hair, moves on to bug another actor. Lol

Daniel Sukup said...

I hope so to! Lol at least it just does not vanish and never seen again!

Anonymous said...

glad you found all the things that got lost, The gremlins ,,,, mmm if ya catch one they are worth about 697.35 ,, not sure why the odd amount,,, but they are sneaky,,,, love ya Dad

Daniel Sukup said...

I always heard that if you get one they are worth almost 15k. But I could be wrong!:P