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Thursday, June 27, 2013

That is how the cookie crumbles....

Hello all,

Yesterday's show was cancelled because of storms. 

Yep that is the headline from yesterday, it was a sad thing to happen. 

We all got ready as normal, knowing the storms were coming. 

We were at 5 for horse and 10 for actors call when we got placed on a hold. 

At 7:57 the storms hit. First with light rain then very heavy rain. It was not long after 8 when the show was called!:(

Like I said on Facebook, you know you are in a show you love when you are pissed that a show has been cancelled. 

Well then night was not destroyed however! A group of us got together and watched "X-Men First Class" and it was awesome!! We got some pizzas and enjoyed a night in. 

It was very strange to be done win the film and it only be 12:15am. That is about the time I would be 100% finished with the show!

Over all it was an interesting night! A sour note turned good! 

Plus I did not have to anything today!!!:)

Love you all,

Daniel Sukup 

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