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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday show!

Hello all!

A super dupper update:

Today we have a 1000pre sold tickets! Tonight is going to be an amazing show!! We all think we will have close 1400! I will  keep you updated if anything changes!!

That was a quick update! 

I guess I could talk a little more about what else is going on with the show:

We recently just got our scripts for a fundraiser in July! Thankfully I am just a supporting role and don't have fun to work on!:) 

The show we are doing is "Shadows of Destiny" a play in one act. It revolves around the show of Tecumseh! And the time period! Rehearsals will not start for some time, but I will keep you updated on this project! 

In other and final news I have a PR call in late July! I am so excited! It will be at the Fair for Ross County or the state fair but I can't remember! I am just super excited that I was chosen for a PR call!:)

Ok that is all,

Daniel Sukup


Anonymous said...

what can i say but WOW,,, might be a long greet and meet,,, enjoy,,, love ya dad

Daniel Sukup said...

It was an ok meet and greet. Not te longest but long.