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Monday, July 11, 2016

Something is brewing!


This is a serious!

I need to have a space where I can speak my thoughts!
Where It is not directly linked to my personal website
Where I can speak my mind on different things happening,
That don't have to be about the arts,
A place where I can speak about anything!

I am doing this, simply because I have so much to say that is not about my professional life. 
I need something less professional, and more of me! 
I won't post on here a lot,
but do expect at least a post or two a month!
You will read about a lot of things,
anything that my head just needs to say 
things happening in the world
and even what I think should happen!


I still post every week on about my professional life,
From acting, 
to goals,
to theatre,
to the arts,
to new photos,
to new videos,
to new quotes,
and to new jobs 
all with the focus of me, Daniel Sukup, as the actor, the artist, and the photographer,

Thank you,

Daniel Sukup

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