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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Brilliance of the Seas

Well what an adventure this job has been! It has been everything I hoped it would be and more! The best way to describe this job is an adventure! 

Ship life is extremely different from land life. From working hours, to traveling, to living crew corridors. 

Let's start with the living corridors. It takes getting used to living in a closet. I am not joking by that either. We live in very small corridors with many of the cabins not having portholes. These cabins have everything you need, bed, storage, bathroom, shower. All cramped in a very small spot. But none of this matters to me, since you only sleep in your room. (And we do have crew tv! Which is awesome!)

Through out the ship, the crew have many hangout spots to simply chill on their time off. From the day room, mess hall, bar, and forward lounge, having a small area does not bug me as much!

Traveling has been something else I have needed to get used to. I love to travel, but have never been stuck on somthing for 24+ hours. Sea days are extremely strange and can be difficult. 

Strange because there is a lot more work (got to keep the guests entertained) but you can't get off the ship, you are stuck. That feel can get to you, but you find ways to entertain yourself. 

Difficult because, if you know me, I get bored easy. If I have many hours off I between shifts, I get bored because there is nothing to do. This has been a challenge for me. 

Finally the working hours! As for the working part, I work the same hours I do on land at a theatre. Nothing has changed in that. However, you never get a day off, you get hours off. Which has been another big adjustment! However, 3 cruises down and I love it. It does not bug me that I don't have a day off. I guess I was cut out for ship life. Hmmm...guess we will see where this take me. 

In other news, I finally got to check off another bucket list item!! I had my Birthday in a different country - COZUMEL, MEXICO!! What a treat that was! Look for a post about my adventure in Mexico on my birthday!!

Have a great week everyone and write to you all soon!

Daniel Sukup 

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