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Saturday, September 6, 2014

What a week

Hello all,

This past week has been crazy! Finally got moved into my dorm, finished the first week of classes, and got a job!

As I am doing laundry (I have to pay for it again!) I look back at this last week!

I made it into intermediate ballet! That was thrilling! I have been working hard to move up in ballet!:) 

Finally I got a job! I was recently hired to be an actor with Missoula Children's Theatre! This job starts January and end May! Approx. 20 weeks of work!!

I was so thrilled to accepted to be apart of this!  It will be an amazing experience!! 

Bonus, last night a couple friends and I went to downtown STL and experienced a few bars that were amazing!! 

First off at the Lumiere hotel, we went to the casino and the sports bar! Great food, good drinks, and simple good fun! Did not win at the casino!

Then we went to my new favorite bar: 360°, just look at this view:

We were 25 floors up, on the rooftop!! It was awesome! 

Next we went to Ballpark Village, I wanted to ride the bull and go to the piano bar!

My friend has the video of my ride, but I lasted for 45 seconds!!:) I think that was awesome for the first time!!

This guy! He must love this band!

They play almost any song you request, 2 pianos all night! What a great atmosphere! I think this is my new favorite party atmosphere bar. 

After this, we drove home and went to bed! Got to love quick endings!

Have a great weekend!

Daniel Sukup 

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