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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Made it!

Hello all!! 

I made it to Ohio! It was a long but thankfully fast trip!! 

Got my oil all changed and ready to hit the road!!!

As I continued to drive, I see this cross. It is my favorite thing when driving on I70! It reminds me of how far I have gone! I will visit it soon!!

Made it to Indiana! So close!!

Ok so I did not get to take an Ohio welcome sign but I did get this photo! It shows how excited I am!

Now why am I in Ohio?? I am going to Kings Island tomorrow morning! Their media day for their new roller coaster Banshee starts tomorrow at 4:30 AM!! I will be at the park around 3:30am!!:)

I want to get over 100 rides tomorrow!!!:)

I will keep everyone up to date on all happening!! Follow along on here, Facebook, and Instagram!!

Have a great Easter break!!

Daniel Sukup 

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