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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kings Island Trip Report

Recently I went to Kings Island for Media Day, Scream for A Kid Again, and opening day. It was one of the most memorable experience I had at an amusement park!

Frist off I hit the road on Wednesday, April 16th! Below are just a few of the many photos that I took!  To see more check out my Facebook page or my Instagram. Sorry if you are not my friend on Facebook you will not be able to see all of them. I will be finding a good way to avoid that.

I hit the road at 9am!

Indiana was my first stop, what a great rest stop! LOL

After waiting at the park entrance for 2 hours, we were allowed in. Check in process was a breeze for the people that got there quickly, other wise you had to wait some time. We received our badge and then a t-shirt, ride photo ticket, and a glass etching.

Look how official I am! HAHA! I have a badge to prove it! 

Rise and shine! It was 5:55am when I took on Banshee. 

I was on the FIRST PUBLIC TRAIN EVER!! This will be a feat that will never be taken away from me! What a great moment to be apart of! 

My review of this ride is simply amazing! My favorite invert in the world! This coaster has changed my top 10!!

As I was in line for my second ride, the sun began to rise. We all got excited because the temperatures were to rise! Well we were wrong, they dropped! 2nd ride temperature: 32 degrees with a 14 degree wind chill while ridding! I happened to make it front row for this experience!

No this is not the line for the ride, this is for breakfast! We received donuts, hot coffee, hot coco, and bagels. You never happen to be excited for hot coffee until it is this cold out! 

After breakfast I hit Banshee some more! I managed to get 10 rides during this event!

The fog machines were kicking it good this morning. What an experience riding through the fog!

Got to give my props to Cedar Fair! The station and line queue look amazing!!

Time for opening speeches! We heard form B&M, Kings Island VP, Kings Island PR, and Ohio tourism.

No matter where you look, she (Banshee) makes for beautiful photos!

A look at the second of 7 inversions on this coaster! This coaster offers everything! It is fast, forceful, fun, thrilling, and simply amazing! Make sure to get a trip out to Kings Island this year!!!

If you don't know SOB (Son of Beast) died and Banshee was the murder! What a nice touch to see a tombstone for SOB! It was hilarious during the opening speeches that they did not mention SOB! They claimed it was a hard decision to remove two ride and they knew it would cause some bad rep with the removal of the GO KARTS! HAHA 

The main entrance was looking beautiful as always! 

I cannot wait for this show to open! It is going to be incredible! 

Oops, someone left the gate open to SOB station! :)

Formally, Top Gun/Flight Deck, is now called Bat! What a great looking paint job! 

The sign brings a great refresh to the entrance! Action Zone looks amazing this year! It is not concrete land! 

As I was leaving, I captured this: a beautiful shoot of Face Off (Invertigo) in the background. 

Well media day kicked off with a bang! Went back to my hotel, took an hour nap and then it was time for Scram for A Kid Again! 

Saw some of the same people I saw at media day! Selfie time!:)

AMAZING!! $98,000 raised for A Kid Again! Could not be more happy to hear that great of news! Almost made me cry for joy!

Well that is a wrap for thursday! I managed to get 34 rides in on that thursday! It was a blast and I would not have changed a thing! It was such an amazing experience! Now onto opening day!

While I was looking on a forum I follow, I found this photo! If you notice the person with the red shoes, that happens to be me! I wish I met that person, they are a Club TPR member! 

Opening day was CRAZY! I don't think I saw so many people at a park! I guess this is what happens when Kings Island offers a free t-shirt!

Luckily I did not have to wait hours, I waited for 15 minutes! It was worth the wait to get my free t-shirt!!

Here is that t-shirt! 

Diamondback was just a glorious as I remember! She is still one of my favorite coasters! 

Vortex, is well PAINFUL still! I don't ride it that much any more but it does offer many great photo opportunities. 

Diamondback and her splash! I think this is my favorite ending to a roller coaster! It even created a nice rainbow for me!:)

This park employee needs a raise! He was smiling and enjoying the day! I captured him dancing and passing out maps! Had to go to guest relations to give him a compliment for his very positive atmosphere! 

I met ROB from TPR!! It was a blast seeing him! He was filming for a new official POV for BEAST at Kings Island, see it soon in the coming days! I will make sure to post it on here!

Well everything must come to a close!:(

Hope you enjoyed my trip report! It was amazing to see Kings Island being so popular this year! This is a big year for Kings Island! I can't wait to be back this summer! Stay tuned for more adventures happening this year! I have a lot planned!:)

Daniel Sukup

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