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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Real World...

The Real World....

When we leave high school we think that the real world is upon us, technically speaking it can be, but for must this is not the case for another 4 years - graduation of college. At that point you are automatically have a job and start being on your own, an adult. From everything I get from adults (well some), is that it is not this fun and games atmosphere that I/we think it will be (and should be) but an atmosphere of bill, boring, and blahs. If this is true, then help me find Peter Pan, I do not want to be apart of this! 

Unfortunetly this Real World is somewhat true to the naysayers about fun. We do have to make a living, be able to afford stuff, pay bills, get food, makes ends meet. It is a routine, that almost every human does. Get up a 5am, leave at 6am, arrive at work at 6:30am, take a lunch at Noon, leave wook at 2:30pm, arrive home at 3pm, sit for excatly 15 minutes, start dinner, eat at 4:30pm, at 5pm clean dishes, 5:15 turn on the tv, and then it is sleep time and repeat. Why do we have to do something so routine? Now before I continue this is not for the people that are making every moment count, enjoying their job, love to work, or doing their dreams, but for the people that are the complete opposite.
When I was a freshman in high school, I knew in my heart that I did not want a 9 to 5 job. I wanted something that always changed, had variety, something new to experience. This seemed like a thrill to me and I wanted to find what this would be. Not much longer I got into theatre for the hell of it. It was something new at the time, something thrilling! I love every new experience that I can have, I love being able to experiencce something and it does not get old or mundane. I knew that my heart was set on doing this thrill of the Arts. However It was more then the variety. My first time on stage, with my heart  racing,  I did not know what to think. After I got done with my first scene on stage, it woke me up! The adrenaline pumping, the risk that was involved, making yourself vulernable, it was all an eperience that I could not give up on. 

I am an adrenaline junkie,  I love pushing myself to the limits. I want to skydive, freefall, and anything else that can push the limits, but sometimes you dont have the means to be able to do all of that. Theatre was the next best thing, and I could make a living at it! 

Steve Jobs stated once that he would look in the mirror every morning and ask himself, "If today was my last day, would I be wanting to do what I am about to do?" If his answer was no for to many days in a row, then he knew he had to change something.

We all need to live by this idea. What I am getting at is that we focus to much on how much money am I making, and how much money I want to make. Lets step away from the lust over money and look at life as this is our only time to do something fun, exciting. We only have 100 years plus a few or minus alot to have the greatest life we know. Hate to break it to you that when you die, it is over. The body that you had here and the life is over, no matter what religion you are or what you bieleve, you will not be able to get this life back. Take this as a warning, make everyday an adventure. Do somthing you have always loved.

This is where I now say that I have found that, I have found what makes me happy, and I am proud to say that I am a theatre kid! I love the arts, I want to transform the arts, I want live with the arts, and I am so damn excited to move forward and live my life. I have about 80 years left and that is not much time when you think that the last 22 years of my life have flew by quicker then the one over the cuckoo's nest (that was bad I know, don't make fun of me! :D) 

To everyone else that is not in the arts, or living their dreams, have fun! make every day something special! You may not be able to reach your dreams in your mind, but what do you have to lose?If you are afraid to do your dreams, then just have fun! break your routine or make it refreashing.

For everyone else that is worried about money: money is not everything, if you follow your dreams then the money will come. If you don't bieleve me, I ask you this: how can you question me if you have not tried to reach for your dream? and if you have tried, how hard did you try? 

My last thought for anyone that wants to pop a persons dreams that are working at it very hard: DONT! It is like stealing candy from a child, it is like telling a kid that Santa is not real! Just stop it is extreme rude and very inconsiderate!  

Now to make this all wrap up into one post:

The real world is an interesting subject for the younger generations. They have their own interpertation, the adults have their own. People try to make the real world this mundane item when it could be something more special! Something that has thrill to it! What happened to that kid in us all? why is it always frowned upon to have fun going to work or do somthing crazy? Are you afraid of what people think? Don't be! who cares what you do, I personally don't! The real world does not have to be what you have been told, make the real world what you want, find that Kid! 

I am Daniel Sukup and have not lost the kid! I have thousands of dreams, some of them I wont be able to do, but that is why they are on the bottom of my list! I will do what I want to do in my life! I only have one to live, I am going to Live it!

Finally I don't know if I ever posted this video about Kid President, If I have sorry, but it is important for this post! Watch it!!!!

Here is to the love of THEATRE! 



the mother ship said...

Well, Daniel, well said!!! I'm so glad that you have discovered this so early in life. I'm jealous.

From one of the biggest kids of them all!!!

Daniel Sukup said...

That means a lot to me! Thank you for the support, and as you know: it is never to late! I hope one day I will be able to make it out there and see you again! I miss you like CRAZY!

Tami Sukup said...

To My Son,

I have known you always have had this carefree attitude and I pray your journey in life continues to allow you to never let go of it. I would like to hope that your dad and I were able to help you hang on to these beliefs by paying for college, swimming, etc to give you that step up in life and hopefully enjoy your college years without the stress of how to pay for it.

I do wish all people could live as you do, but sadly we get stuck in financial ruts and the only way to stay ahead is to work at jobs that were never part of our dreams. Which leads us to being parents who want better for our children and for you that is to live an actors dream.

May your journey be filled with new experiences, jobs that allow you to see the world, never remain the same and are always plentiful.

If anybody can do it you can because you have never allowed an obstacle to stop your course. You just took those obstacles and found paths around them. I am proud of you, an await that first show on a huge Broadway Stage, where I can see you touch the stars you knew you could.

I love you and may God bless me with the years to share in your journey and enjoy seeing your dreams fulfilled.