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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Here I come

This year I am going to get of my lazy you know what! This is my final year at college and I have been lacking in the social media aspect of marketing as an actor. 

This year it all changes. I have some big projects coming and I can't wait to deliver them!

Here is a black and white glimpse what is happening:

-Business cards
-reel (possibly)
-more updates
-possibly more the longer I stay up! 

First off we are all lazy to some degree and I want to change that for myself. I have been thinking where am I lacking in marketing area. First thing that popped in my head was a website! Well it is comming and it will be awesome!

I also have a lot of goals as a physical self for 2014. Workshops, classes, self exploration, and new experiences. I want this year to be an example what to do!

I just realized I need to stop staying up past midnight. It seems te longer I stay up the more active I am in getting stuff done. I just started working on my website tonight, and I have been meaning to do that. Now I just need to get my resumes done! 4am anyone??

What other areas do you feel that an actor needs to market better? Let me know and othe people know!

Thank you all for reading my 1am talk,

Daniel Sukup 

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