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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello all,

I hope everyone had a Merry Chrismtas! One that had memories that will last a life time. I hope the time you spent with friends and family (no matter how stressful) will be cherished for years to come! 

I would love to share with you my wonderful Chrismtas in Texas with my Aunt Cathy and family! It was a thrill to be able to have a week with her! 

I do want to encourage to share your Chrismtas experiences with me, I would love to hear what happened this Chrismtas season!

We were going to leave for Texas on the 21st. However we had to change it because oh a winter storm that was going to hit OKC Friday night. 

When mom got home from work we started packing up the car and got on the road as quickly as possible! We wanted to beat the storm so we would not to get stuck in it on Saturday!

We made it all the way to Wichita an decided to stop and get a hotel! This point we did not have any trouble getting there but OKC was having a different story. Unfortunately I did not take any photos, but they ended up getting 1/2 inch of ice. 

After another 6 hours of driving, we made it to Austin! And my brother just made it in time also, he was flying in from San Diego!

The first day (Sunday) we went to a history town (can't remember te name) to do some shopping! 

It reminded me a lot of historic St. Charles, Missouri. 

There were many good items and some of them were, well out of my price range. Like this item:

Guesses on the price? $200? $400? $300? What does it cost??

There is your answer, almost $4,000!!! I could not believe it!! Oh and the town was Fredericksburg Texas!! 

Then I saw this sign I have to post:

I loved this, I thought it was funny seening that it was a quarter machine that "runs fast", makes me wonder how many people have gotten I juried before this sign was out there!?

After this town we headed to the Alamo and the river walk area in San Antonio!

Very crowed, I went to this when I was young, but going back to it was really cool!

The court yard!

Evening time!!

A giant Chrismtas tree!!

Finally the Alamo at Night!! A beautiful trip to San Antonio!!

So I did not take many more photos after that, but then it was Chrismtas time and we opened our gifts, had some breakfast and then headed to the bowling alley for some family fun!

I lost every game!:) I suck at bowling!! However I don't suck at Mexican Dominoes! I did very well! 

On my brother's final day in Texas we went to the orginal Twin Peaks! And they have amazing food options and amazing beer and amazing women! 

Well evening came and it was time to say goodbye to Jeremy! It was a thrill to have him for Christmaa! You just never know if next Chrismtas we will all be together because we all love so far apart!

I do have to admit that Austin's airport was very welcoming and extremely clean! They even decorated their baggage claim area!!

And finally it was time to pack up and leave the warm state! These are the dogs all in a line not wanting to leave! Well only two of them are leaving. Can you guess which two??

Well that was my wonderful Christmas experience in a large nutshell! I was so excited to be able to have this experience! I will always cherish these moments! 

Please share your memories! It is always fun to relive them!

Thank you all for reading and reliving this with me!

Love you all,

Daniel Sukup 

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