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Thursday, August 1, 2013

PR Call!

Hello all!

As you may know from Facebook, I was at a PR call at the Ohio State Fair today for Tecumseh! It was an amazing experience! 

The PR call was to hand out flyers for Tecusmeh and simply talk to people regarding the show! It was amazing to hear all of the amazing stories that past visitors talked about and it was even more fun talking about this place to people who have never been! 

The State fair wan an amazing environment! There was so much to do! They had lots of food, exhibits, animals, food, candy, rides, food, and a MINIATURE MODEL TRAIN!!! It was so cool I wish I could have taken more photos because it was cool! Try had a train that had 30 cars to it!! I was so impressed! I was like a kid in the candy shop!:) 

Now all of the photos are on Facebook at this time, however I will post some on here to give you an idea how awesome this was!


First off Elisha putting making on in the car! It was quite entertaining! 

Lots and lots of cars!!!!! I don't think we will find ours!:( 

The biggest fan I have ever seen in my life!! That thing was awesome!!!

Hey I did not think that period people had cell phones!!! That is weird!:)

Do I need to explain this photo!!

Now I am a kid in a candy shop!:) to darn expensive however!:( 

That did not stop me from buying my sugar daddy! No pun intended.....or was there!:)

I whip my hair back and forth! Lol ok it is just the wind!

Well thank you for tagging along on this journey! Have a fantastic day!!! I will see you all soon, unless you are in Russia! Not making out of country anytime soon!

Love you all,

Daniel Sukup

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