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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

High falls, Horses, oh my!

Hello All,

It has been a very tiring few days! I have been super busy and still can't believe that I am getting paid to play cowboys and Indians (in the simplest form) for the summer! I think I will have a summer that trumps most for me!:) 

This show is already getting it deserved spot in my heart! It may be to early to say this, but I am going to say it: this is by far the most rewarding experience in every aspect! From acting to the family everything has been so rewarding! It has honestly rejuvenated me as an actor. I don't feel stuck or drawn down like I was at a said so place. 

I feel that if you are anywhere near Chillichote this summer, make your way out to see Tecsumeh! It is a fantastic show that everyone can enjoy!

Moving on: recently - meaning last night- we add horses into act 1. This was a long processes but it went very smoothly and over all very fun. What is very interesting is that between one of the scenes I have a 25 second quick change then have 10 or less to run from Stage right to stage left. This will be a challenge but I am up to it!

Finally, I am apart of the tours this year and I have been giving the amazing opportunity to learn high falls! This means I get to fall from a height and fall!:) first we went from 12 feet from a roof, this was so thrilling that my first words when landing were: "Holy shit that is awesome!" It is such a mind game that if you can over power that then you will be able to do it. After that we moved to about a 30 foot fall from my chest, this was surprisingly easier. This time I had to stand up and simply fall while looking at my target, easy enough right?? I will get some pictures soon of what I will be falling off of to give you all a clear picture. 

Finally here are some of the compound pictures:

This is cabin 12! This is my cabin for the summer. It is very simple but has a bed. That is all that counts. 

This is a path that leads (eventually) to the main compound then to the stage!

Here is our dressing rooms, the Indians have their own dressing room and entrance. 

And finally this is the main compound. Behind me (not in the picture) is the kitchen, this building holds both male and female dressing rooms, costume shop, and Landry rooms! 

This is all for now! I will be sure and get some more photos soon, maybe some of the stage?!?

Love you all,

Daniel Sukup

-make today a fantastic day, you never know who you will impact. 


Anonymous said...

Daniel...I love reading about your journey. what fun and what a great experience. Looking forward to reading and seeing pictures of the "fall". Love you! Aunt Lynda

Tami Sukup said...

As I keep telling everyone. Prayer this summer is a good thing for my two sons! I have one falling off of cliffs and another seeing how how a mountain he can climb. God better have a group of angels watching over them both to keep these adventures safe. The best part is, they are both happy, loving and living life to its fullest. Be safe Daniel. Can't wait to see you in another 10 days!!!

Anonymous said...

wow bud what can i say, this sounds so exciting and a great learning experience for you. I am so happy that you are taking all this in. HOLDING ONTO THE HORNS so to speak. it is kinda funny,, Jeremy is climbing mountains and you are Falling off them,,weird... any way ... love the heck out of ya bud....DAD

Daniel Sukup said...

Aunt Lynda, thank you for reading and following along! I will get photo of what the fall looks like soon! Promise! I wish you could make it out to see this amazing show!

I will not let go of the horns dad! Promise! Mom, Dad you need to go on the tours Monday, Wednesday, Friday! You will see me highfall!