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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Full Run of Act 1! What!?

Hello all,

How have you been? Had life been good? Doing something fun?

Well I know I have been very busy and in three days time we are running Act 1! That is nuts to me! I guess having 14 hour days help a lot! But only have had maybe 4 hours of work on act 1 scenes, so out of the 28 hours only 4 to 6 have been to act one. 

The little time that I have been up on the mountain I have fallen in love!  This show already has done so much for me that I am a new actor or I should say a refreshed actor!! This place has this emotion and family connection that it blows you away! I know I have never have been in a show with this strong of connection! 

So many scenes that the emotion connection is so strong! I can easily day that it will not be had to be in the moment! This is something that my past experience at a certain place does not have! There is no family or this strong of a bond between everyone there. 

Finally about today,

We had a very busy day! I do have to let you know that I will be riding in the show! I feel so excited to be able to have the opportunity to do this! I just have to be aggressive to the horse to have them listen to me! I can trot but I am still trying to stay on for a canter! 

We ran Act 1 tonight and it went amazing! I was so nervous e but there was no need to be, it was so smooth. I was in top of everything! My scene went amazing and Adam loved it, it stated that he likes it and it is coming a long well! By the way he is one of those directors that if he hates it he will tell you, likes it he will tell you! Gives you a note that is a great thing, does not give you a note -depends on the situation- is bad. 

Right after we finished out final point in 1.8 that was blocked the rain kicked in and we had to stop. It was amazing because it started right at the point that we did not know what to do, well the new people did not know what to do. 

I promise to get more photos, but I just need to wait for rehearsals to get over. 

Me sitting in the audience for my understudy rehearsal!!! 

Love you all,

Daniel Sukup 


Tami Sukup said...

So wonderful to hear about your days. I miss hearing your voice but feel blessed to know all is going so well and your able to keep us updated thru your blog. YEAH!!!! you get to ride in the show. Proud Momma moment. For you amazing since you had never been on a horse before and only had my few tips for riding. I am so glad that it is even more than you expected and you continue to grow as an actor. Can't wait to see you showcased on the Tecumseh Facebook page :). Love you and we are excited to see your show.

Anonymous said...

Dan man it is just like in Burke parking lot the first night......I am so proud of you and very happy for you .....keep doing your best .....remember grab the horns and hang on ya dad