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Monday, May 20, 2013

First day of rehearsals!

Hello All,

Wow! Today was amazing and intense! I can now say that I am 100% certain that this is the right career for me! 

Today in the short terms: 

I rode a horse bareback for the very first time! Also the first time for me to ride a horse! I am waiting to see if I get the chance to ride in the show! I would die if I get the chance! It would be amazing! I know I was on the list! Guess I will find out in a few minutes. 

Today we mainly focused on orientation with every department that we would deal with from weapons, props, wigs, costume, horses, and much more! 

We did block a few scenes! We will be running act 1 in Wednesday! Well that was fast! This coming Saturday we will be running act 1. 1 week for each week and about 4 days of full runs then go! Very fast pace! 

I did get to block my scene and I felt so proud! Adam (director) liked it and that made me feel great as an actor! He did not give me any negatives like: don't like your objective or action! Got lots to work on, but so pumped!!

So I don't have many pictures today, but I will show you the nightly ritual:

We are all waiting for the call sheet to go up for tomorrow! It is to go up before midnight.... 20 minutes!!

Tomorrow is going to be even more intense, but I love it! 

Have a great night, love you all,

-Daniel Sukup 

Remember what ever you do in life, do it full out and leave no regrets on the table! Also ask questions!

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Cathelyn Jones said...

Cantering is more comfortable than trotting in my opinion :) You'll do great. So glad you are enjoying this opportunity, sounds like a wonderful place! Love ya