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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Kid Again Update

What time is it?? UPDATE TIME!

Donate Here!

Count Down: 23 days!! 
Amount to go: $155
Goal: $250

We can do it! I need to raise $5 more to be able to participate in this event, and another $150 to make my goal! I know that we can all pull together! What am I taking about??

If you are new to this A Kid Again stuff, well I will gain you up to speed.

Kings Island is holding fundraising event for A Kid Again, were all proceeds will be donated to this amazing foundation that helps kids with life alternating illnesses to simply be a kid again! 

I am raising money to support this foundation, it happens to be one of my favorite! I just wish I was not a college student, others wise I would not be asking him help from all of you! I would love to gather enough support to help me raise $250 for an amazing foundation!! 

At this time I am at 38% of my goal! I would love to be at 50% by next weekend and I only can do that with all of your help! Spread the word! If you can't donate $50, $25, I understand I am a college student. If you can only do $5 or less, every bit will help! EVEN you simply sharing this post will help! All you have to is direct them to this link: DANIEL SUKUP's PAGE!

why does this foundation mean so much to me?

A child should be that, a child! When something that interacts with there childhood, not for the good, it is divesting! A child should be able to have their childhood. They have to face these adult problems and don't have time to be a child. 

This organization gives them just that! I have been featuring stories from parents on how their children where impacted by this foundation and here is another one:

Thanks for the Murphy Family
As a very greatful parent of a Kid Again kid, I thank you for your time, effort, and love. The smiling faces we see at the Holiday party make all the difference in that event. From the moment we walk into the venue, Amelia and her sisters and I are greeted with smiles and laughter from what seems like a million happy people, all there to make our day better.
When my girls wanted to go in two different directions, one volunteer said she’d keep an eye on one for me. When we got to the meal and I couldn’t carry our prizes and two meals, and hold onto my youngest, a kind man took both meals from me and escorted us to a table.  The women at the face painting station are ALWAYS a huge hit, of course, even trying the specific requests each child seems to come up with.
And this is just one event. Each time a volunteer gives his or her time, it helps brighten the day of one of our kids. And we thank you.
Amelia was born with spina bifida, and has had 49 surgeries in her 8 years so far. She is blessed with many people who care about her and two wonderful sisters, but she also copes with more than her fair share of complications. Her sisters deal with this in their own way, as well.  A Kid Again means the world to Amelia, and to her sisters. Just the other day, one of her sisters said, “I wish Amelia didn’t have to deal with everything she does, but it sure is nice that people invite us to fun places.”
Thanks You! We appreciate all of the hours, and smiles, and the love that you share with our family.
~Pam Murphy, mom of Amelia, Claire and Emma

This is just one of many stories and thank you's that can be found on A Kid Again's website! I highly encourage reading some more on your own!

 ALSO TAKE A LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS from A KID AGAIN!! This will bring  huge smile on your face! These are from the Cincinnati branch!!

Well I will share another story next week! Remember all you have to do to help is share this post as much as possible!!

Thank you again, have a great weekend!

Daniel Sukup

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