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Monday, September 23, 2013

Hero's Journey Update

As I should be doing homework right now, I felt that it was necessary to update on Hero's Journey! I guess homework can wait!:)

Sometimes an actor faces a challenge where they question themselves why are they doing this? Well that is somewhat is happening in Hero's Journey! I don't mean this in the "I don't want to do this". I mean it in, "OMG This is so much work and I am facing new challenges."

I remember ( like it was that long ago) when I first headed to Tecumseh! for the summer. I remember driving to the company parking lot in the rain dark sky. Sitting in my car for a few minutes and asking: What did I just get myself into? However it was such an amazing experience!

Now looking at this show, I did not know what I was getting into. When I got that script I was shocked to find out that I would be playing 5 roles and the show was pretty much just me with the help of a storyteller.

After two week of rehearsals we open on Saturday!  I am kinda of nervous, but super excited!

What has been so amazing working on this show is trying to find 5 different characters that are just super fun and lively. It has been a challenge. Trying to find that perfect "hipster", to the perfect "old man", to the "ORGRE DRAGON KING", and the strong but winy Bridge master! Whew that was a lot!

Now the count down begins, 5 days till show time!:) In the mean time why not check out Monkey Tail Theatre! Just click that highlighted link or here.

Love you all, I guess I will get back to homework!:)

Daniel Sukup

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