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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why we do this.....

Hello all,

Why do we do theatre? Why do we Do this to ourselves? What makes it so special??

There are way to many answers, and they all vary from actor to actor! 

For me, it just makes since! Theatre is an adrenaline rush! Since I can't get paid to ride roller coasters all day long or do crazy jumps then I have to do something that is a rush, but there is more to it than that! 

No matter how I feel before the show starts, wether it be sick, living on 4 hours of sleep, sore, or whatever that moment you rush in stage takes it all away! The feeling that these patrons are here to see this story come to life and sit back for 2 or more hours to escape the reality of life!  That feeling is amazing!

What makes it ever more special??

Meet and Greet tells it all! A few nights ago I was talking to a patron and he stated: 

"This was the best one yet from all of the time I have seen it" 

We kept talking about why and he just loved the fighting and the acting was very strong! He was beyond impressed and this was his 5th time seeing it in his life!!

He left with this quote that is now my favorite quote of anything Tecumseh! related! 

"We wet people's appetites for live theatre" 

That moment hit me hard! It means so much to here a patron say something like that! This is just another reason I do this: to impact people in ways others could not!

Well that is all I wanted to say!

Have a great rest of the weekend!! Love you all and, as out PSM would say, stay frosty! 

Daniel Sukup 


Tami Sukup said...

Wonderful blog. Amazing feeling when you have an impact on a patron. Very special when a patron takes the time to share the enjoyment they received seeing a show. Must reassure you and make you fall in love all over again with your career choice.

Daniel Sukup said...

It really does make you fall in love again! It is something special!

Anonymous said...

good for you bud,, times like that make it all worth it, i am so proud of you ,,,, Dad

Daniel Sukup said...

It is all worth it!